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August 16, 17 and 18, 2019

 Meet Invitation and Information Package

ASSA Sanction Number:  201964 



Region B is pleased to invite you to the 2019 ASSA Provincial Championship to be held at the Kinsmen Sports Centre in Edmonton August 16, 17 & 18, 2019.

The Kinsmen Sports Centre is located at 9100 Walterdale Hill Northwest Edmonton, AB. T6E 2V3.  Parking may be on the Kinsmen Sports Centre grounds.  Additional parking is available at Remax Baseball Field, a short walk across the river. Parking attendants will be on hand to give directions, as needed.


Campers and motorhomes are not permitted in the main parking lot area – they will be ticketed and towed.

Please note that Bylaw will be ticketing vehicles parked in areas that are not designated for parking.

The Kinsmen Sports Centre has a Zero Tolerance Policy, under no circumstances will disruptive behaviour be tolerated.  This includes all areas on their premises, facility and in the parking lot.  Disruptive behaviour may include, but is not limited to: rudeness, loud, vulgar and abusive language, physical abuse, and blatant disregard of Kinsmen Sports Centre policies.  Kinsmen Sports Centre employees will follow their procedures which may include banning a disruptive individual for the rest of the day or up to a lifetime ban based on the severity of the conduct. 

Porta Potties will be available outside the facility for visitor use.

Please refer to Kinsmen Facility Rules section of this document for further information.

Please read the following information package over carefully as it describes all aspects of the Provincial Championship Swim Meet – from start times to qualification processes to food and water availability. Please ensure that all families participating in the Regionals swim meet understand the qualifying processes and have confirmed their avialability at the Provincial Championships.

If any questions arise, please contact the Meet Manager at:



ASSA President :

Andre Harpe

Ph: 780-814-0964


Advisory Referee/ASSA Official Chair

Andre Harpe

Ph: 780-814-0964


Provincial Meet Manager:

Maria Sherwin

Ph: 780-710-2301


ASSA Coaches Representative:

Glenn Wilson

Ph: 780-720-3696


Assistant Meet Manager:

Marni Woykin, Region B Rep

Ph: 780-706-6647


Incoming Meet Managers

Bonnie Zheng and Heather Rasmusen

Region C









Sanction Number:201964


Meet Name:Provincial Championships


Host:Provincial Championships


Meet Type:Provincials



Pool:Kinsmen Sports Centre
9100 Walterdale Hill


Start Date:Fri Aug 16, 2019 at 05:00 PM


Warm-up Time:Fri Aug 16, 2019 at 04:00 PM


End Date:Sun Aug 18, 2019 at 05:00 PM


Entry Deadline:Tue Aug 13, 2019 at 11:00 PM


Meet Manager:Maria Sherwin
Contact E-mail:
Meet Phone #:(780) 710-2301


Meet Referee: Don Smith
Referee E-mail:
Session #:


Meet Format:Time Finals


Seeding: Senior Seeding
16 lanes



Displayed below in meet event order as defined in the ASSA Rules and Regulations






Entry Limit: Maximum Individual Event Entries per Swimmer: 4
Maximum Relay Event Entries per Swimmer: 2


Schedule of Events:
Updated - 2019-08-01


Friday, August 16, 2019

9:00 am          Board Meeting in the Kinette Room

1:00 pm            Pool set-up

4:00      WARM-UP

                 East pool:

                 Only for swimmers competing in the 1500m.

4:00      Officials Meeting

              (Kinette Room)

5:00      1500 FREE


Coaches: Lap counters will be provided. 






Saturday, August 17, 2019

 (TWO POOLS: A and B Heats)


7:05 am             7 & under swim test

The swim test can be conducted by Kinsmen staff

throughout the meet by coach request. 


7:15-8:25 am    Warm-up (Both pools) 

    *See warm-up section of this program for further details on warmup schedule and lane designation.


7:10 am            Senior Officials Meeting

                                (Kinette Room)

7:30 am            Officials Meeting

                                 (Kinette Room)

8:20 am            Coaches Meeting

                                 (Kinette Room)

8:30 am            Opening Ceremonies

8:40 am               400 FREE

                           SHORT FLY

                        Medal Presentation: 1500 free

                           LONG BACK

                       Medal Presentation:400 Free, SHORT FLY

                           SHORT BREAST

12:00-1:30 pm  Lunch Break  

Lunch for coaches, officials and volunteers in the Field House


12:30-1:30 pm   ASSA AGM

** AGM for all Voting Delegates in the Kinette Room


Following the AGM  Officials Meeting

                            (Kinette Room)      


12:30-1:15 pm  Warm-up (Both pools)

1:30 pm                 LONG FREE

                       Medal Presentation: LONG BACK

                             SHORT IM

                       Medal Presentation: SHORT BREAST

                       Medal Presentation: LONG FREE

                            MEDLEY RELAY

                       Medal Presentation: IM

                       Medal Presentation: MEDLEY Relay

Sunday, August 18, 2019

        (TWO POOLS: A and B Heats)

7:20               7 & under swim test

The swim test can be conducted by Kinsmen staff

throughout the meet by coach request. Coaches are

responsible for ensuring all 7 and under swimmers 

have passed a swim test each day.


7:30-8:30 am    Warm-up (Both pools)


7:10 am          Senior Officials Meeting

                        (Kinette Room)

7:30 am          Officials Meeting

                        (Kinette Room)

8:20 am          Coaches Meeting

                        (Kinette Room)


8:40 am           200 FREE

                       LONG FLY

                   Medal Presentation: 200 Free

                       SHORT BACK

                   Medal Presentation: LONG FLY

                       LONG BREAST

11:45-1:15 pm  Lunch  

** Coaches Rep election and PD in the Field House


12:30-1:15 pm  Warm-up (Both Pools) 


12:30 pm          Officials Meeting


                            (Kinette Room)                 

1:20 pm           SHORT FREE

                   Medal Presentation: SHORT BACK

                        LONG IM                         

                    Medal Presentation: LONG BREAST

                    Medal Presentation: SHORT FREE

                          800 FREE

                          FREE RELAY

                    Medal Presentation: LONG IM

                    Medal Presentation: 800 FREE

                    Medal Presentation: FREE RELAY


Awards Presentation:


Individual Awards:

Rachor Trophy - Top 15-17 Female

ASSA Award of Excellence - Top 15-17 Male


Team Awards:

Small Age Group Team Provincial Champions

Large Age Group Team Provincial Champions

Para Team Provincial Champions

Masters Team Provincial Champions


Meet Rules:
  1. This is the ASSA Provincial Championship Swim Meet and as such, all S/NC rules as well as all ASSA adopted rules shall apply. 
  2. Start and finish times are approximate only; however, morning and afternoon sessions will not start earlier than the posted times.
  3. Swimmers are expected to check in with the Clerk of Course thirty (30) minutes before the start of their event, or when the event is announced as being marshaled. Marshalling announcements are courtesy only and may not happen for all events.
  4. Alternates may be placed in open lanes once the Referee has called the swimmers up to the blocks. 
  5. Scratches for all events will be accepted until 8:00 am each day for that day’s events.
  6. Relay substitutions shall follow ASSA Rules and Regulations.
  7. Coaches shall monitor their swimmers at all times.
  8. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD shall be allowed on deck


The meet will be conducted under published FINA and/or WPS rules and regulations supplemented by published and approved Swimming Canada and Swim Alberta rules and regulations.  In addition, this meet package shall outline all changes to and specific application of the published rules.  Swim Alberta policies and procedures, where appropriate will also apply.


Diving Rules

  • Diving Depth of 1.35m or greater from 1m to 6m
    • Starts will be conducted from Starting Platforms (blocks) as per FINA FR 2.3 and SW 4.1.
  • Diving Depth of 1.2m or greater from 1m to 5m
    • Starts will be conducted from the Deck or Bulkhead as per Canadian Facility Rule CFR 2.3.1 and CSW 4.1.1.
  • Diving Depth of less than 1.2m
    • In-water starts will be conducted as per Canadian Facility Rule CFR 2.3.1 and CSW 4.1.2.Rules

Competition Readiness Standards

Entry to competition is limited to participants who have passed Swim Alberta’s Competition Swim Test.  During competition, swimmers should dive at the Dive Readiness Progression skill level they have achieved. 

  • Meet Management may request the submission of the Competition Readiness – Club Verification Form, stating that all swimmers entered in the competition have completed Swim Alberta’s Competition Swim Test, prior to entries being accepted.


Deck Access:
Updated - 2019-07-30


This is crucial to running a safe swim meet due to the number of participants that are expected. Security Marshals will be at all access points to the pool deck to ensure compliance with this matter. Coaches, swimmers and officials will be provided with accreditation passes for access to the deck.  

Officials: will require a pass with a session indicator for each session they volunteer to access the deck.  Parents & other spectators must view from the provided spectator areas off the deck. 

Chaperones: Teams will be allowed 1 parent volunteer per 12 swimmers under 11 years of age to chaperone the participants. These team chaperones SHALL be accredited in the same manner as the officials. Chaperones will be given a wristband to wear for identification purposes. Wristbands will be in the coach package to be distributed to the club's chosen chaperones. Each swim club MUST submit a list of chaperone names by Tuesday August 13, 2019 at 12 o'clock noon to the Meet Manager:   This is critical for the accreditation process. If no names are forwarded, then no chaperone from that club will be accredited for deck access. Chaperones cannot have any ASSA non provincial competitors in their care on the deck. Chaperones must make their own arrangements for food and drink. 

Consideration for special circumstances requiring an additional chaperone must be emailed to the ASSA Executive for review and approval prior to 11:00pm August 14th by the Club President with the support of the head coach.

Coaches: Coach's packages and athlete passes will be available for pickup on Friday afternoon from 3:00-7pm just outside the main entrance doors of the Kinsmen. We strongly encourage clubs to attend the Friday pickup to help alleviate Saturday morning congestion. Important note: Coach tables will be assigned at this year's provincials with 2 two chairs per club for the coaches.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There will not be any pool deck camp spots allowed - no tents, lawn chairs, cots or floor blankets. All swimmers staying on the deck must use the bleacher space provided to sit on. 




Updated - 2019-08-13

S/NC Warm-up procedures will be in effect at this swim meet. Please see the document Competition Warm Up Safety Procedures for specific details.


 All warm up sessions will be in both pools, no lane assignment with the exception of swimmers ages 7 and under.  Coaches must be present when their swimmers are in the competition pool during warmups.


** Swimmers age 7 and under must complete a swim test each  day of competition as per Kinsmen Sport Center Policy. The City of Edmonton is not yet at the implementation phase of the Competition Readiness Standards. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that lifeguards have watched the 7 and under swimmers complete the Kinsmen swim test each day that the swimmer competes.

Lifeguards will conduct the swim test in the warm up (shallow) pool for 10 minutes before each regular warm up session. As well, lifeguards will be available to conduct the swim test throughout the day at a coach's request.


Coach must be present with all swimmers attending the warmups listed below.

Warmup Schedule:


4:00- 4:45 pm EAST POOL WARM UPS

Only those swimmers competing in the 1500m

    4:00- 4:30pm Lanes 1-6 - Two-way circle swimming

    4:00-4:45pm Lanes 7-8 - Pace lanes ONLY

    4:30- 4:45pm Lanes 1-2 - One-way dive swimming ONLY

    4:30- 4:45pm Lanes 3-6 Remain as two-way circle swimming


Saturday and Sunday morning

Both pools during warm-up times:

The outside edge lanes on both pools will be reserved for swimmers 7 and under, two way circle swimming throughout the warm-up.

All lanes, first 40 mins- two-way circle swimming

Lanes 1-6 in in the east pool and lane 0-5 in the west pool, last 20 mins is dive one-way swimming only

Remaining lanes in each pool, last 20 mins- two-way circle swimming


Saturday and Sunday lunch

Both pools during warm-up times:

The outside edge lanes on both pools will be reserved for swimmers 7 and under, two way circle swimming throughout the warm-up.

All lanes, first 30 mins- two-way circle swimming

Lanes 1-6 in in the east pool and lane 0-5 in the west pool, last 15 mins is dive one-way swimming only

Remaining lanes in each pool, last 15 mins- two-way circle swimming


Please note: No one, other than officials, is allowed on the bulkhead at any time.


*The warm-up/cool-down pool will have 2 lanes available from 10:30am - 3:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

(August 13 update)




Scoring for the Provincial Championship shall follow the ASSA regulations for individual events and team totals:

Scoring for Individual and Relay events shall be – Top (8) places:  9,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

In the case of a tie, the points for the positions of the tied swimmers/relay teams will be summed and divided equally between each swimmer/relay team in question. Example: two swimmers tie for 3rd, points from 3rd and 4th place are summed and divided by two.

Points shall be awarded to swimmers and relay teams based on the above criteria. Clubs' Age Group Scores shall consist of the sum of points awarded to all swimmers and relay teams representing the club in age groups involving swimmers 17&U, excluding the Open Relays.

Clubs' Masters Scores shall consist of the sum of points awarded to all swimmers and relay teams representing the club in 18&O events, including Open Relays.

Clubs' Para Scores shall consist of the sum of points awarded to all swimmers representing the club in Para-Events.

Regions' Scores shall consist of the sum of points awarded to all swimmers and relay teams within the Region, regardless of event age group.


Updated - 2019-07-16

Primary timing shall be electronic (OMEGA Quantum system) with manual backup. Please be aware that the scoreboard times are unofficial. Results will be posted during the meet. If there are any questions regarding results, coaches may direct questions to the Referee of that session. Swim-offs, if required will be scheduled at the start or end of sessions. Coaches will be notified.

Following the conclusion of the Provincial Championship, results will be posted on the ASSA website.




  1. The top three (3) finishers in each event will receive a medal.
  2. Swimmers placing 4th to 16th will receive ribbons.
  3. The top aggregate finishers, male and female, in the 15-17 age group will receive the Award of Excellence trophy and the Rachor Trophy, respectively.
  4. Small Age Group Team Provincial Champions - The Club earning the highest Age Group score, that consists of less than the median number of Age Group Swimmers registered in the ASSA, shall receive this award. The award includes the engraving of the recipient's name on the ASSA trophy and a banner for the club to keep.
  5. Large Age Group Team Provincial Champions - The Club earning the highest Age Group score, that consists of equal to or greater than the median number of Age Group Swimmers registered in the ASSA, shall receive this award. The award includes the engraving of the recipient's name on the ASSA trophy and a banner for the club to keep.
  6. Para Team Provincial Champions - The Club earning the highest Para score shall receive this award. The award includes the engraving of the recipient's name on the ASSA trophy and a banner for the club to keep.
  7. Masters Team Provincial Champions - The Club earning the highest Masters score shall receive this award. The award includes the engraving of the recipient's name on the ASSA trophy and a banner for the club to keep.
  8. Region Trophy - The Region earning the highest score shall receive this award. The award includes the engraving of the recipient's name on the ASSA trophy



Qualification to the ASSA Provincial Championship meet will be based upon the results posted on the ASSA web site from the six Regional Swim Meets. A swimmer must qualify for The Provincial Championships by participating at a Regional Swim Meet. Based on the Regional swim meet entry limit, swimmers at the Provincial Championship swim meet may qualify for a maximum of four (4) individual events and two (2) relay events. These two relay events shall consist of one (1) Medley Relay and one (1) Freestyle relay only.

Swimmers can qualify for provincials in the following ways:

Regional Qualifiers

 Consists of:

  • The top one (1) placing swimmer in every age group in the 800 and 1500 Free
  • The top two (2) placing swimmers in every age group, with the exception of the, 800 and 1500 Free
  • The top one (1) placing swimmer in each gender division of the PARA events
  • The top two (2) relay teams in each age group

“Wild Card” Qualifiers

 Consists of:

  • For the 800 and 1500 Freestyle events: The top two (2) swimmers from across the province, based on Regional Meet Results times, who were not regional qualifiers
  • The top four (4) swimmers from across the province, based on Regional Meet results times, who were not regional qualifiers in the remaining events outside of the 800 and 1500 Free
  • For the PARA events: The top two (2) swimmers from across the province, based on Regional Meet Results results, who were not regional qualifiers
  • The top four (4) relay teams from across the province, based on Regional Meet results times, who were not regional qualifiers

NOTE: Additional “Wild Card” qualifiers will be selected to fill the heat(s) in events missing complete sets of region qualifiers.


This Wild Card Procedure shall follow the ASSA Rules & Regulations 9.6. Random seeding by the HY-Tek computer program will be used for swimmers who have identical entry times.



Alternates for each event will also be selected. If a swimmer scratches from an event, alternates will be moved in to fill their position and will then become “Wild Card” qualifiers. This process is used regardless of whether the scratched swimmer is a region qualifier or a wildcard qualifier.


Para Swimming:

ASSA is offering five events for PARA swimmers at Provincials:

  • Long free (100 m)
  • Short backstroke (50 m)
  • Short breaststroke (50m)
  • Short Fly (50)
  • Short free (50 m)

All PARA swimmers must qualify through participation at a Regional Swim Meet in PARA events. Entry to provincials in PARA events will be granted to the top placing swimmer in each event at Regionals based on their IPC point scores. Following this, two ‘Wild Card’ positions will also be available.

To be eligible, PARA swimmers must meet the IPC Classification system requirements and be listed as a PARA swimmer on the Swimming Canada PARA swimmer list. Please consult the ASSA website for further information about PARA eligibility and the IPC Classification system.


Updated - 2019-07-30

All Qualifiers are automatically entered in the Provincial Championship Meet. Swimmers who will be scratching from a Provincial Championship Event (whether a qualifier, a potential wild card swimmer or potential alternate swimmer) SHALL notify the Regional Meet Manager before the Regional Swim Meet ends. The Regional Meet Manager shall ensure the Regional Representative is aware of these scratches so he/she can enter them into the ASSA site prior to completion of the wildcard draw.

Please ensure that your designated region contact has these items.

Wildcard Draw Procedures 

The Wildcard Draw procedure consists of the following seven steps:

  1. Sunday – before 8pm – the computer operator from each Regional meet loads regional results into the ASSA database.  Results will be viewable by the public and swimmer listing available to Regional Reps.
  2. Sunday – 8pm – midnight – Regional Reps scratch swimmers who are not going to Provincials.  These swimmers will not be included in the wildcard draw.
  3. Monday – midnight – 8am – ASSA Computer Liaison completes the wildcard draw.  Wildcard results will be viewable by the Regional Reps. At this point, each region will maintain two qualifiers per event.
  4. Monday – 8am – noon – Regional Reps check wildcard results for errors or omissions.  Additional scratches can be completed by the Regional Reps.  This will cause Alternates to move up to the WildCard positions.
  5. Monday – noon – 1pm – ASSA Computer Liaison will make WildCard draw available to the public.
  6. Monday 1pm – Wednesday – noon – Regional Reps will continue to enter scratches.  An alternate will move up each time a scratch is entered.  If a qualifier scratches, each region may not necessarily maintain two competitors in that event.
  7. Wednesday – noon – ASSA Computer Liaison will create an entry file to send final entries to the Provincial Meet Manager for inclusion in the Provincial Meet.

Notification of Wild Card Swimmers

Once step 5 of the Wild Card Procedure is completed, clubs, coaches, parents and swimmers will be able to see who has qualified for Provincials. Each group should continue to monitor the Wildcards on the website until Wednesday at noon to see what Alternate swimmers have been moved up to compete in events. 

Late Scratches

Please notify the Provincial Meet Manager at of any scratches occurring after noon Wednesday August 14, 2019. Scratches received after this time will not be included in printed heat sheets.  Scratches will be accepted up to the Coaches Meeting on Saturday, August 17 or by the Clerk of Course at the posted scratch times from page 3 of this invitation. 

Relay Changes are according to the ASSA Rules and Regulations.


Updated - 2019-07-30

All Officials, coaches, parents, spectators and swimmers are expected to abide by the ASSA Code of Conduct and Ethics


As in past years, we are asking for volunteers from each club and region to assist with officiating this meet. We will be using two pools for all events and will require a large number of officials.

Deck passes will be provided to all officials. 2019 Provincials t-shirts will be provided to officials who work two or more sessions. The t-shirt and lanyard deck pass must be worn while working on deck. A limited number of extra officiating shirts will be ordered for those that did not sign up prior to the deadline of July 31. The proper official dress code will be in effect- white top and black bottoms.  

To sign up as an official CLICK HERE

All Officials are expected to attend the briefings for each session they are working. 


Updated - 2019-07-30


50/50 tickets,  t-shirts and other clothing items will be available for purchase in the upper concourse area. 


ASSA Annual General Meeting

The 2019 ASSA AGM will be held in the Kinette room following the morning session Saturday (~12:00 pm). This meeting includes the election of a number of board positions as well as any business that may properly come before the Association. Each member club is entitled to two voting members at this meeting. 

Voting delegates must be identified by their club no less than 7 days prior to the AGM.



A team of volunteer photographers will be on deck taking pictures throughout the meet. These images will be available through the ASSA website following the meet.

Parents are NOT permitted on deck to take pictures, however a small section of the viewing area will be reserved for parents to take pictures during the medal presentations.



Updated - 2019-07-30

Region B would like to thank the many sponsors and volunteers that help make the ASSA Provincial Championship meet a huge success. Thank you for your continued support.

Thank you to Pembina Industries for generously donating lanyards.

Thank you to the T-shirt People at Esquire Wholesales, for sponsoring the ASSA Provincial t-shirts that our volunteers wear on the deck.

Thank you to the City of Edmonton for financial support.



Updated - 2019-07-30

Please bring a refillable water bottle. Water refill fountains are located throughout the facility. To reduce environmental impact disposable water bottles will not be provided.


Volunteers who have signed up through ASSA to officiate or as general volunteers to assist with the running of the meet will be provided with refreshments during Saturday and Sunday sessions, and will enjoy lunch in the fieldhouse each full day that they volunteer.

A light breakfast will be available for officials working only the morning sessions.

Lunch will be provided for officials working the afternoon session or the full day


Coaches will be provided with lunch on Saturday, together with officials and volunteers, in the Field House. On Sunday, lunch will be during the coaches meeting in the Field House.


Coaches and club chaperones are advised to bring their own coffee, water bottles, and snacks. 


Food will be available to purchase at the Red Door Cafe. Food trucks will be on site on Sunday.


Non-authorized persons will not be permitted into the Field House during lunch hours. Passes must be worn at all times.



Kinsmen Facility Rules:
Updated - 2019-07-30

All event participants must have a valid access pass in order to have facility access or they will not be given access (no exceptions).

● To ensure the utmost safety during aquatic events, parents are not permitted to be on the pool deck. Parents are welcome to watch the event from the spectator level.

● The emergency exits within the facility are for emergency purposes only. Please refrain from using and/or sitting in front of the emergency exits.

● Please assist us in keeping Kinsmen Sports Centre clean and safe by using the waste and recycle receptacles located throughout the facility. This is an expectation of all visitors to this Provincial event. 

● Only non-marking running shoes are allowed on deck. Indoor footwear or bare feet only on the pool deck. Outdoor footwear is NOT permitted on the pool deck.

● Please refrain from leaving personal items on equipment or in space not designated for the swimmers.

  • Swimmers age 7 and under must complete a swim test each day of the competition.


Para Update *New*:
Updated - 2019-08-07

Para swimmers will swim para events together in a heat; mixed gender as space allows. This is in line with Swim Alberta guidelines.


Appendix 1
Total number of registered ASSA swimmers (aged 7 to 17): 2929
The median number of swimmers used for large/small categorization: 44.0

Region Club Category Active
E Calgary Swordfish Large Team 142 142
F Lethbridge Orcas Large Team 111 111
B Stony Plain Sharks Large Team 108 108
E Calgary Tritons Large Team 103 103
E Okotoks Stingrays Large Team 86 86
B Whitecourt BlueDolphins Large Team 84 84
C Edmonton Huma Large Team 83 83
B Spruce Grove Barracudas Large Team 82 82
B St. Albert Sailfish Large Team 80 80
D Innisfail Dolphins Large Team 80 80
D Red Deer Marlins Large Team 77 77
C Lloydminster Rebels Large Team 76 76
B Edmonton Terwillegar Aquatic Large Team 74 74
A High Prairie Dolphins Large Team 71 71
D Lacombe Dolphins Large Team 66 66
C Ft Saskatchewan Piranhas Large Team 65 65
B Devon Dolphins Large Team 63 63
B North Edmonton Swim Club Large Team 58 58
C Edmonton Derrick Devil-Rays Large Team 56 56
E Cochrane Piranhas Large Team 56 56
A Beaverlodge Barracudas Large Team 53 53
A High Level Stingrays Large Team 53 53
F Brooks Barracudas Large Team 51 51
F Claresholm Kraken Large Team 51 51
F Taber Vipers Large Team 50 50
A Slave Lake Sharks Large Team 48 48
A Grande Prairie Aquarians Large Team 47 47
C Camrose Sea Serpents Large Team 47 47
B Westlock Gators Large Team 44 44
E High River Otters Large Team 44 44
A Peace River Porpoises Small Team 43 43
F Pincher Creek Dolphins Small Team 43 43
C Sherwood Park Millennium Marlins Small Team 41 41
C Wainwright Torpedoes Small Team 41 41
D Ponoka Gators Small Team 41 41
C Wetaskiwin Olympians Small Team 39 39
F Medicine Hat Manta Rays Small Team 39 39
E Canmore Coho Small Team 37 37
B Hinton Water Devils Small Team 36 36
D Hanna Seals Small Team 36 36
C Provost Piranhas Small Team 35 35
E Didsbury Aqua-Jets Small Team 35 35
A Grimshaw Gators Small Team 34 34
F Crowsnest Pass Piranhas Small Team 30 30
A Fairview Olympians Small Team 29 29
D Oyen Otters Small Team 26 26
D Castor Tritons Small Team 25 25
F Fort MacLeod Swim Club Small Team 23 23
F Nanton Marlins Small Team 23 23
A Spirit River Seawolves Small Team 21 21
A Valleyview Vipers Small Team 21 21
D Killam Cyclones Small Team 21 21
A Smoky River Manatees Small Team 20 20
D Forestburg Aquanauts Small Team 20 20
B Drayton Valley Neptunes Small Team 19 19
C Vermilion Vipers Small Team 19 19
B Jasper Red Fins Small Team 16 16
D Olds Rogue Racing Club Small Team 6 7


Appendix 2
Total number of ASSA Masters swimmers (age 18 & Over): 284

Region Club Category Active
F Lethbridge Orcas Masters 40 40
B North Edmonton Swim Club Masters 36 36
B St. Albert Sailfish Masters 19 19
C Lloydminster Rebels Masters 11 11
F Pincher Creek Dolphins Masters 11 11
B Stony Plain Sharks Masters 10 10
F Nanton Marlins Masters 9 9
D Castor Tritons Masters 8 8
D Oyen Otters Masters 8 8
C Edmonton Huma Masters 7 7
D Killam Cyclones Masters 6 6
E Calgary Swordfish Masters 6 6
F Crowsnest Pass Piranhas Masters 6 6
A High Prairie Dolphins Masters 5 5
B Devon Dolphins Masters 5 5
C Wetaskiwin Olympians Masters 5 5
E Calgary Tritons Masters 5 5
F Claresholm Kraken Masters 5 5
A Fairview Olympians Masters 4 4
A Slave Lake Sharks Masters 4 4
B Spruce Grove Barracudas Masters 4 4
C Camrose Sea Serpents Masters 4 4
C Edmonton Derrick Devil-Rays Masters 4 4
C Provost Piranhas Masters 4 4
D Innisfail Dolphins Masters 4 4
E Canmore Coho Masters 4 4
F Fort MacLeod Swim Club Masters 4 4
A High Level Stingrays Masters 3 3
A Valleyview Vipers Masters 3 3
B Hinton Water Devils Masters 3 3
D Ponoka Gators Masters 3 3
E Okotoks Stingrays Masters 3 3
A Beaverlodge Barracudas Masters 2 2
A Grimshaw Gators Masters 2 2
A Mitsue Minnows Masters 2 2
A Peace River Porpoises Masters 2 2
B Edmonton Terwillegar Aquatic Masters 2 2
B Whitecourt BlueDolphins Masters 2 2
C Sherwood Park Millennium Marlins Masters 2 2
D Lacombe Dolphins Masters 2 2
D Red Deer Marlins Masters 2 2
E High River Otters Masters 2 2
F Medicine Hat Manta Rays Masters 2 2
A Smoky River Manatees Masters 1 1
A Spirit River Seawolves Masters 1 1
B Westlock Gators Masters 1 1
C Vermilion Vipers Masters 1 1
D Olds Rogue Racing Club Masters 1 1
E Cochrane Piranhas Masters 1 1
F Brooks Barracudas Masters 1 1
F SASG Southern Summer Game Masters 1 1
F Taber Vipers Masters 1 1


Appendix 3
Total number of ASSA Para swimmers: 7

Region Club Category Active
D Innisfail Dolphins Para Team 2 2
B North Edmonton Swim Club Para Team 1 1
B St. Albert Sailfish Para Team 1 1
B Whitecourt BlueDolphins Para Team 1 1
D Castor Tritons Para Team 1 1
F Claresholm Kraken Para Team 1 1



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