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Purchasing Hy-Tek Software.

  1. Hy-Tek software runs on Windows (98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista etc.). To run an ASSA swim meet, you need the Meet Manager program.
  2. Learn more about Hy-Tek Meet Manager at the Hy-Tek website.
  3. Click ASSA Hy-Tek meet manual to view/print a copy of a manual put together by one of our swim clubs.  This manual is very useful to help you setup and run a meet using Hy-Tek.
  4. To run an ASSA swim meet without electronic timing (touchpads), your club should probably buy the Meet Manager product listed as the "complete system" on the Hy-Tek website. The price list looks something like the list below. The price highlighted below ($371.25US$ effective 2010) is the product usually purchased. The software is sold on a club basis and not to a region. The license name is your swim club name.
       Product Description                               Reg. Price     Discount Price
    1. Upgrade to MM 2.0 for MM 1.x and Dos-MM Customers    $229.00              N/A
    2. MEET MANAGER (Start-Up)                              $319.00          $239.25
    3. Ribbon Labels Option                                 $129.00           $96.75
    4. Entry Cards/Labels Option                             $79.00           $59.25
    5. Complete System (Includes Standard Options above)    $495.00      *** $371.25 ***
  5. If you have a touchpad or electronic timing system, you will need to purchase an additional (more expensive) license from Hy-Tek if you wish to integrate it. If you are using the Dolpin wireless watch system, you will only need an additional license if you wish to use it as a back-up to an electronic timing system.  There is also an option you can purchase to network multiple Hy-Tek computers so you could have a computer on deck and one in the office area (and others) sharing a common entry/results file.
  6. Link to the Hy-Tek online store for Meet Manager software:
  7. Questions about Hy-Tek software should be directed to Hy-Tek.


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