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Meets Information

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Meet Information

See an overview of a typical ASSA swim meets and held on week-ends over the summer season.

ASSA Event Listing

Obtain a list of events that are currently offered by the ASSA. Many new events were added for the 2010 season and the age groups were adjusted for 2009 to support a 15-17 age group and a new age group for Masters level swimmers (18&Over).

View Meet Schedule

Obtain a list of meets planned for the current year and those completed to date. For each swim meet, you can obtain more detailed information about the meet including events to be swam, the pool location and the meet manager. For completed swim meets, there is a link to the detailed results for each swim.

Provincial Swim Meet Photos

Swimming photos taken at the ASSA Provincials have been uploaded onto the web and are available for viewing and downloading (no charges) through our website. Click on the 'Provincials Photos' link to see the photos for the current and past season.


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